Threads of a sail on the concrete wall,

curved in un-understandable writings,

forming unknown sequence.


Draft of a cobweb on curtain,

graphic Indian writings, tracing its way out to find its content,

complex star pattern, trying to find your name out,

flying birds on sky,


communicating in comic voices,

i heard a mention of your sweet name,

i could be dreaming,

spelling slowly your identity details,

performing a love poem in the dark assuming you watching me in silent,


if a more ever visited your heart,

if you knew how much suffering am subjected to,

thinking of a lost an angel been searched by fellows,


i cant get neither understand why you run away from my bed each morning,

after successful dream together,

rubbing my lips against the pillow,

salivating imagining your crescent curved bulged lips,

cry today,

i smile the day after,


Why do you watch me lighting candles on both sides?

Listening from the door while I scream in shower rooms,

bring back salvation to my heart




I pretend to be dead,
I just wanted to be a handsome corpse,
To see how the world valued my life while I lived,
To confirm their fears of my departure,
If they would send me condolences and,
Mourn my family each day,
I pretended to be breathless,
To test how hospitals treated the dead,
If they fed them, coz hunger defined me best,
If doctors would narrate me as handsome,
Intelligent and diligent since no one said it,
I wanted to be lifeless,
To see how dad would act,
If he’d spend thousands on my burial,
An expensive burial for the son,
He failed to buy me laptop and a bicycle,
If he would now borrow loans from banks,
To cover my lifeless body with a goodbye suit,
A comfy shoe, yet I walked barefooted
I ate nails for supper and visited pits for lunch.
I pretended to be dead,
To testify it,
That papa would quit drinking,
For mummy ever lived in tears,
As we enjoyed a goodnight from outside: watchmen,
I pretended to be lifeless,
For earth wasn’t my place,
And life had no meaning,
Since my mum decorated our family with ‘udaku’
I listened from bushes telling the village mothers,
“Baba Jimmy can’t perform in bed”
I wanted to be dead for I knew my father is not my dad.
And father turned to be a laughing baboon,
I pretended to be dead,
To listen to how people,
people you and you,
If you would scream in tears, for I could be dead,
I wanted to listen to my eulogy
So I pretended to be dead.


where are the flowers?

Where are the famous gardens?

The frolic places I knew!

Flowers are becoming extinct,

bees are less busy,

nectar in short supply,

the frolic earth hugged by greedy investors,

rapid mushrooming buildings take my place,

Don’t curse me of my doom prophecy but I

see groom importing flowers abroad,

I feel weddings will be ribbon decorated only,

I see alters plain in ‘lesos’ only.

Why do you deny lovers kissing on my sight?

Flowerbed, made birds enjoy me

playing hide and seek.

Am I vital on valentines only?

Or Did diamond rings and jeweleries improvise my perishability?

Give flowers another taste,

give the live colours a life,

ladies will not baby show me under their chests.

I am indigenous.

Natural flavor to the nature,

perfumes store my smell,

don’t blame my perishability,

rings and necklaces will rust too

sprays will kill you of asthma.

Hold me back,

endorse my frolic family future forever.

Love in US tease me,

knell down holding me,

u watch them kissing as u change hands,

why then be mean?

Sunflower, birds and doves feast on me,

you despise and hate bougainvillea,

roses are GMO boosted,

greenhouses fasten my maturity for cash

chemicals in flowers









I took a loan,
A loan to treat you alone,
To make you happy and off sad wrinkled,
I was wrong,
For I thought it was all about money,
Less of honey,
Ought to have got a tip from nanny,
I spend thousands buying your smiles,
Leaving your heart out,
Though I thought they carried it along,
your tone was seductive,
Your looks attractive,
Hence more long queues in banking halls,
Then to the shopping malls,
For I felt high and tall,
Hugging and holding your hands,
While selecting some fitting pants.

That is now history,
watching reality from a storey,
Debts all my worry,
Banks on my back,
probably lost my track,
Hidding now my theme,
Recollection of time,
Fears ruling my spine,
food balls turn watery after I dine,

Can this be forfeited?
Assumed it never existed?
Interests accumulating,
Thoughts contemplating.
I built mansion on nests,
Drove limusine on air.
Trains in the oceans,
Land secured a love loan,
Now my security commercialised,




The sensational sweet smelling scent, 
Warm welcoming good morning vocals, 
Energizing alarm call, 
The late night chasing, 
Counting the stars seated on your soft lap, 
glued on your shoulders when love had a meaning, 
When every whirl wind came with a tighter embrace, 
When love hates, 
Your sweet kisses turn poison, 
Hugs became thorny, 
your pretty face finally stolen by a ghost, 
Vocals I loved to hear became boring, 
Every blessing that came along changed to curses, 
Our photo album to ashes, 
My muscles couldn’t lift you again, 
Their might love to slap of your cheeks, 
When love hates, 
Meeting you is now allergic, 
To the bushes finding my rescue, 
When love hates, 
Love turn sour, 
cursing every mention of your name, 
Hating every minute we spent, 
Viewing it wastage, 
Expenses pain more, 
The coffee treats, 
To the movies, 
When I sang to your ears became senseless, 
Remembering your long hair is now tasteless, 
When love hates, 
condemning our meeting date, 
Our first kiss, 
Holding hands, 
caressing your skin when worry visited you, 
Reciting love poems under the candle light shade, 
When love hates, 
signing enemic contracts, 
Disclosing your secrets, 
Publishing your weakness, 
Defaming your romantic-less tips, 
seeing you shedding tears becomes a series to watch, 
When love hates!


Silent dark night,
Night; sun off
Stars absent.
Cresent not yet,
Dew demanding a firm step,
Cockroaches dancing
‘its our time’
Streets quiet


Clocktick causing deafness,
Attracting dumbness,
Heartbeats making me anxious,
Half walking half running,
Mine is fist folded,
Ready to kick,
A stone to pick.


Heart take a pause,
‘Is she in the bush?’
‘At this hour?’
Bush roars,
Steps running,
Two deep voices murmur,
‘lets go’
she is naked,
Tied up,
veins showing on her skin,
Her private parts made public.

Fatuma’s rights neglected,
not of her monthly contracts.
But the painful insertion.

To the station,
blue boys laughing at her,
she can’t walk straight,
nor talk fluently,
Am her voice,
A witness,
Though my word too feble to file a case.


The king surrenders for the battle,
His tenure enjoyed for long,
To the horizon the hills witness the give up,
Trees wave good bye as he is laid to rest,
Birds shedding tears for their playtime is over,
singing last melody not to waste their vocals,
‘O king Our savior, goodbye; till you rise again, we’ll miss you O king goodbye’
To their shades, no talking: tension and worry,
The king is dead,
First son takes over,
smilling over the inherited kingdom,
Hating every project the father intiated,
His million friends keeping him company,
Their twinkling game so adorable,
Attracting many for their count,
Hugging and holding hands seductive,
While kisses session so enjoyable,
Whirl wind battling with the candle’s strength,
making their eyes visibility an issue,
A deep breathe,
Candle is off,
Lip searching for a lip,
A hand caress a hand,
When the king is dead,
Finally son takes a rest,
King rises,
Birds celebrate his come back, Dancing from branch to branch,
melodinising the vocals,
The king has risen,
It’s a new day.